Energetically Align your brand, website, or lead generating funnels through one of our Creation Intensives.

Alignment Activator

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* The cost of your Alignment Activator is applied to any suggested Creation Packages. 

Create alignment throughout your business with an Alignment Activator Session. We'll spend 90 minutes together, deeply exploring your business. You'll then receive your personal Energetically Aligned Marketing Plan that will detail what to stop doing, start doing, and what to create so your marketing expands your reach, amplifies your message, and enlightens your followers and clients. We'll meet a final time to discuss your best opportunities for making your Aligned Marketing Plan a reality.




Expand Package

Amplify Package

Enlighten Package

This is the most populate package because it includes the items most coaches and consultants need to amplify their message and scale their business. 

The Amplify package may include a fresh Energetically Aligned Brand and 5-6 page website or your funnel collateral for your next course or high-ticket launch. We'll create the perfect package for you during our Alignment Activator session.  

The Enlightenment package is the perfect fit for established coaches and consultants who are not only ready to bring their website into alignment, but also their marketing as well. This package is a perfect fit for the coaches and consultants who need either a more complex website build or a combination of branding, website, and funnel build in order to meet their goals. 

The Expand package includes everything you'll need to expand your confidence and reach through your brand. This may include an energetically aligned brand with simple website and business cards for those just starting out, a lead generating funnel for those who are interested in building their list or getting started on the podcast circuits, or we may do an extensive update on your already existing funnel. 

Creation Intensives

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Energetically Aligned Marketing, Branding, and Websites created quickly and efficiently. While exact needs vary by project and are determined during our Alignment Activation follow-up call, each project will fall within one of the packages below. All strategy, copywriting, design, and implementation is aways included to bring your brand, website, or marketing to life. 

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Brands & Messaging that Inspire ✴ Websites that Activate Confidence ✴ Lead Gen Funnels that Spark Magic

✴ Brands & Messaging that Inspire ✴ ✴ Websites that Activate Confidence ✴ ✴ Lead Gen Funnels that Spark Magic✴ 

Brands & Messaging that Inspire ✴ Websites that Activate Confidence ✴ Lead Gen Funnels that Spark Magic

✴ Brands & Messaging that Inspire ✴ ✴ Websites that Activate Confidence ✴ ✴ Lead Gen Funnels that Spark Magic✴ 


Your communication and your expertise in how to set up this funnel (along with designing a lead magnet landing page!) made this offer feel like a one-stop service for my templates pre-launch runway.

I have more clarity in my business (and confidence!) than I've had in a while.


Even though I'm in the early stages of building my business, I felt like she really believed in me and was fully invested in helping my business become successful. In addition to all the great tips and advice that I got from Kara, I also feel like I found a new biz bestie!

Kara was incredibly warm, friendly, and encouraging throughout our time working together.


I appreciate that you are easy and fun to work with and have an amazing ability to take what I do and say and put it into words that are clear and resonate with the people I help. Yes, it has only been two days, and I'm already getting compliments from people (including a potential vendor) on my website.

You articulated what I was trying to say in a way that was simple, clear, and impactful. 

Christine Thom | Developmental Editor

I was blown away by the expertise, support, intuitive insight, calm, confidence, and joyful energy she exuded and demonstrated. It felt like a gift to have my taste and personality reflected back to me in the design choices she presented throughout: I was amazed at her insight and intuition. I couldn't be happier with the final product.

Kara's integrity, reliability, and professionalism are more than stellar.

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